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 Get to know our Spruce + Honey staff!


Shelly Alfonso Baylon

Shelly has quickly become a legend around these parts. Originally from the Bay area, Shelly brings with her amazing experience having trained and worked with both Benefit and Anastasia.

She is passionate about brows and is changing the game with her natural brow lift and shaping techniques.

When she's not at the shop you'll find her enjoying a hobby (cause she's got so many), at the gym or reading a book in a sheet mask. And if you like a cute cat picture- oh, girl- she's got them.

Jessie Smits

A true mountain Mama, Jessie found her way to this mountain town from Bellingham, WA many moons ago.

Jessie's generally booked with Brazilians and brings to each of them her super thoughtful waxing style.

She and her family are definitely headed up to the mountains on her days off in the Winter and are true weekend warriors in the Summer.

Jessie can tell you all the best spots in town and no one makes a beanie look cooler.

Hayley Freeo

The master of distraction, Hayley has the best sense of humor and brings incredible energy to her services. Hayley is a hairstylist turned waxer, so knows her way around some hair.

Specializing in Brazilians, Hayley is excited to offer services for all genders and loves to see new clients.

This warm, fun loving gal Mom hails from the center of the state. When she gets a moment to unwind- find her mixing up a fancy cocktail, watching a little reality TV and browsing Turkish rugs on Etsy.

Karlee Krumwiede

Karlee is truly the waxer next door. All the way from Scobey, MT, Karlee and her husband have made Bozeman their home.

Methodical about a brow wax and tint- she also is the master of a lower leg wax.

When she's not reading a good book, or baking a delicious dessert- Karlee is busy planning travels to a tropical destination and cheering for the Cats.

Nicknamed- "the nose", Karlee is a fragrance queen and no S&H gets passed without her approval.

Nicole Morgan

Hi! I'm Nicole. The luckiest woman in the world to be the owner of Spruce and Honey.
I took over the shop after being a client for over a decade from my dear pal Keely.
I became an esthetician later in life and am excited to be in my dream career. I love learning and training and am always working to learn and share the best of the best for our clients.
Whether it's a brow lift or a Brazilian I take being a skincare professional very seriously and am always looking for the right solution for you. I want to find the right technique and products for you, your skin and your hair. I am very proud to offer all services for all genders.
When I'm not at the shop, I'm out in our community with my husband, son and dog Royal. I love pottery, walks and working on little projects around the house.