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Body Positivity: How our community stays confident on the waxing table

Body Positivity: How our community stays confident on the waxing table

Hey, y’all. 

We’re Spruce and Honey Waxing Parlor – a natural waxing and apothecary shop located in the charming Cannery District of Bozeman, Montana.

Welcome to our little blog where we’ll be breaking down the waxing experience from top to bottom (literally) while giving you our favorite content surrounding natural skincare, modern beauty, health, and wellness.

We promise to always make you feel comfortable and at ease here, so leave your worries (and modesty) at the door.


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“Leave your worries and modesty at the door.”

That’s our motto here at Spruce & Honey. We work hard to nurture and create a welcoming, judgement-free space where any person can walk through our doors and feel taken care of. We want everyone who visits us to have an experience that promotes self-confidence, empowerment and body positivity.

But, being in the waxing industry, we realize that’s sometimes staying body positive on the waxing table is a little easier said than done.

For many of us, it can feel awkward to expose the more intimate parts of our body to a stranger, especially for first-timers. Thoughts can run through your mind like:

Is mine weird?
I’m too hairy.
I hope it doesn’t smell.
Ah - this is going to hurt!
My period just started. She’s going to be so grossed out.
Oh no - awkward silence!

But, guess what? These thoughts (+ more) are totally normal as almost every single person who gets waxed feels a bit awkward at first - and if you don’t, YOU INSPIRE US!

We are on a mission to normalize the waxing experience. The more we collectively start to feel empowered on the waxing table, the more body positivity we will become.

To help you out on this journey, we decided to ask a few of our Spruce & Honey regulars about their experience at S&H, how they stay body positive, and a little advice for those getting waxed for the first time. We think you’ll enjoy what they have to say below.



What made you visit Spruce & Honey?

I heard amazing things about Spruce and Keely and after I visited their website, I knew I had to go (it's SO cute)! The second I walked in the door, I felt instantly welcomed by the space and Keely. She has this way about her that instantly makes you just want to be her best friend. The wax was fast and easy and the products used were natural and worked with my body.

How do you stay body positive on the waxing table?

I think for me, it comes down to being ok with being vulnerable and real. Your waxer truly sees different parts of your body that most people don't but as crazy as this sounds, it takes your trust for this person to the next level. Spruce has always been a space where judgment doesn't exist and your body is valued. If anything, I feel more body positive after I leave the waxing table. I feel empowered and kind of like I can take over the world!

Advice for those getting waxed for the first time?

Be at ease. Remember this is something that you are doing for YOU. Thank yourself for taking this time and for taking care of yourself. And be kind to your waxer...because these ladies are AMAZING and who knows, they might change your life in more ways than one (I'm serious!).



What made you visit Spruce & Honey?

My sister has been visiting Spruce and Honey since she moved to Bozeman several years back, so it was any easy decision to for me to choose Spruce and Honey for myself. I choose to stay, because Keely and Darien are great. I feel excited to visit the lovely space that Keely has created and am always excited to see what goodies are stocked. It's an appointment to visit friends every few weeks!

How do you stay body positive on the waxing table?

For me it's a couple of things: 1. It's the professionalism and trust I have with my esthetician and 2. Like a lot of women, I've struggled with my size over the years, but at the end of the day I'm determined to not let that hold me back from living my life whether that's being exposed on a waxing table or hanging out on the river in a swimsuit.

Advice for those getting waxed for the first time?

It's going to be uncomfortable, but it gets easier over time and your hair will come back finer and softer with regular waxing.




What made you visit Spruce & Honey?

I had just moved to town about the time S&H opened. I really loved that the shop focused specifically on waxing which was what I was used to. Whether its your face or lady parts, it's nice to know you're seeing a waxing specialist.

Keely is hands down the best waxer I've been to. She's also got the sickest style, is the coolest, and we're always laughing! Even better now is that I love that all of the S&H crew are wax magicians too and I can see anyone depending on my availability. Booking is so simple and I obviously can't leave the without some thoughtfully curated goods from the apothecary.

How do you stay body positive on the waxing table?

I get waxed for myself, so there's that. The process may not be the most relaxing, but the results are totally worth it! There's nothing like feeling a little extra confident walking around in your underwear or having on point brows! Also, if I have a question, I ask! Keely is so easy to talk to, so if I'm feeling unsure about something I just run it by her.

Advice for those getting waxed for the first time?

Don't bike to your appointment.



We want to thank a few of our Spruce & Honey gals for sharing so openly and honestly with our community. We hope this helps spark more confidence in people who frequent the waxing table - no matter where you call home.

And just an FYI - your pubic hair, your choice! We support your choice to go full bush, trim or remove your hair entirely. Your choice is always the best choice.