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What Type of Bikini Wax is For You?

What Type of Bikini Wax is For You?


We’re Spruce and Honey Waxing Parlor – a natural waxing and apothecary shop located in the charming Cannery District of Bozeman, Montana.

Welcome to our little blog where we’ll be breaking down the waxing experience from top to bottom (literally) while giving you our favorite content surrounding natural skincare, modern beauty, health, and wellness.

We promise to always make you feel comfortable and at ease here, so leave your worries (and modesty) at the door.



If you’re like us, shaving isn’t really your thing – especially down there.

Ingrowns, thicker hair, and razor burn can sometimes haunt us for weeks after shaving our bikini areas. And, if you’re a shaving vet, the thought of getting a Brazilian or bikini wax can be pretty intimidating.

It's also hard to know what kind of "style" to ask for. It's not like you can really bring in a pic as an example, much like you do for a haircut...

So we’re breaking down our most popular bikini waxing styles for the next time you’re thinking about going bare.

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1.     Basic Bikini

The basic bikini is a pro-bush service where only the visible hair around the bikini line is removed. This option is great if you want a quick fix to clean up the sides. It’s also a perfect option if you’re a waxing newbie – baby steps!

2.     Bikini Plus

The bikini plus is like a basic bikini, but cuts in a bit tighter and also includes the booty. This particular wax does not include waxing the full labia. You can think of this option as a “mini Brazilian” to get that clean look in a shorter amount of time.

3.     Brazilian

This is the queen of all waxes and what we pride ourselves on here at Spruce and Honey. With the Brazilian, you can either take everything off or leave a small shape on top, such as a landing strip, a triangle or other style. The initial wax is $70, but if you return within 6 weeks the price drops to $55, which we refer to as the “Brazilian Maintenance.”

4.     The Brazilian Plus

If your "happy trail" makes you feel anything but, ask for the Brazilian Plus. This wax includes a full Brazilian, plus the stomach trail – at no extra charge.

5.    Bozilian (the “Bozeman Brazilian”)

The Bozilian is a local fav! With this wax, we’ll leave a bigger bush on top and take everything off underneath. This style let’s you feel clean and fresh while still keeping your natural look.

6.     Custom

Want just your booty waxed? Want to add your butt cheeks? Want to mix ‘n match from some of the services above? We’re totally in! Shoot us a message or stop by the shop and let us know what you’re looking for in your next wax. We’d be happy to help make it happen!


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Happy Trails,
S + H