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How To Have Your Best Wax Ever: Part II

How To Have Your Best Wax Ever: Part II

Hey y’all.

how to care for your skin post-wax and have the best waxing experience ever in bozeman, montana

We’re Spruce and Honey Waxing Parlor – a natural waxing and apothecary shop located in the charming Cannery District of Bozeman, Montana.

Welcome to our little blog where we’ll be breaking down the waxing experience from top to bottom (literally) while giving you our favorite content surrounding natural skincare, modern beauty, health, and wellness.

We promise to always make you feel comfortable and at ease here, so leave your worries (and modesty) at the door.

Last month on our blog, we broke down the waxing experience and gave you seven ways you can prepare for a wax – because let’s face it, we’ve all dreaded our monthly appointments from time to time.

So in order for you to have your best wax ever, we want to continue the conversation and give you our top tips for when the wax is over in order to make the last half of your experience end on a positive note.

Now, before we head into our top tips, there are a few things you should know…

After you get your wax, some slight redness, soreness or small bumps at the follicles are perfectly normal temporary reactions - especially if this is your first wax. These symptoms should subside over the next 24 hours, but do not hesitate to call if you have concerns or experience persistent redness or irritation.

We wish we could say that you won’t break out or have any ingrown hairs ever, but that wouldn’t be the slightest bit true. So here are a few things you can do to minimize your post-waxing trauma.

how to care for your skin post-wax and have the best waxing experience ever in bozeman, montana

The First 24 Hours

Avoid any heat, bacteria and sweat! So that means no intense exercise, sex, hot tubs, hot springs, saunas, tanning beds and hot showers. Make sure to keep your skin clean and wear loose fitting clothes. If possible, try not to touch your skin too much or apply any products that might irritate the area you had waxed.

2-3 Days After Your Wax

Make sure to exfoliate! A few days after your appointment, you may start to gently exfoliate your skin to prevent any unwanted ingrown hairs. We recommend using a dry brush or a gentle body scrub.

In order to get rid of and proactively prevent ingrown hairs, we highly recommend applying avocado or jojoba oil which you can use daily. This helps moisturize your hair follicles and allows your hair to easily be pulled out instead of getting trapped underneath the skin.

One Week Later

A little after your wax, you may notice a small amount of re-growth. It can take up to four waxing treatments for your hair to get on a consistent growth cycle that gives you the best results. But remember, DO NOT shave between your appointments or you will never see the full benefits of getting a wax.

One last tip? Make sure to book your appointment at least 4-6 weeks between each wax. This will ensure your hair will be the correct length and leave you with super smooth results.


Getting a wax doesn’t have to be intimidating. By following our post-waxing tips above, you’re sure to have one of your best waxes ever.

Our professional waxers and little shop are ready whenever you are.

Happy Trails,

S + H

pic cred: getty images, danielle midenge, pinterest