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How To Have Your Best Wax Ever: Part I

How To Have Your Best Wax Ever: Part I

Hey y’all.

We’re Spruce and Honey Waxing Parlor – a natural waxing and apothecary shop located in the charming Cannery District of Bozeman, Montana.

how to prepare for your wax and have the best waxing experience ever

Welcome to our little blog where we’ll be breaking down the waxing experience from top to bottom (literally) while giving you our favorite content surrounding natural skincare, modern beauty, health, and wellness.

We promise to always make you feel comfortable and at ease here, so leave your worries (and modesty) at the door.

At Spruce and Honey, we know how intimidating a wax can be. The pain, the awkwardness, and the results can race across everyone’s mind when booking their next wax. But, we’re here to tell you that a wax really can be enjoyable and worth every little hair.

A wax should be three things - enjoyable, as painless as possible, and leave you with the results you were looking for. You should never leave an appointment feeling anything but fresh.

So in order for you to have your best wax ever, we'd like to share our pre and post waxing tips with you in a two-part blog series covering the ins and outs of getting a wax. First up, the pre-wax ritual.

1. Grow your hair out

We know the temptation to shave once your hair gets a little longer than you’re comfortable with, but trust us! The longer the better. We recommend not shaving for ideally 3 weeks prior to your wax in order for the majority of your hair to cooperate with the wax.

2. Try not to trim

While you grow your hair out, try and resist the urge to trim. We can do a quick trim once you get to the shop to ensure your hair is the perfect length - not too short, not too long.

3. Plan around your period

You may be a little more sensitive around your menstrual cycle, so if you’re worried about the pain, we recommend planning your wax in-between periods. Getting a wax on your period? No problem! If you don’t care, we don’t care.

how to prepare for your next wax and have the best waxing experience ever

4. Moisturize

We recommend moisturizing the area being waxed for a couple of days before your appointment. Dry skin can make waxing a bit more painful, so using a moisturizer ahead of time can give you a better experience. Some of our favorites are avocado oil, jojoba oil or Clary Oil from Clary Collection– a natural formula we offer at Spruce & Honey.

5. Exfoliate leading up to your wax

Gently exfoliate a few days or weeks leading up to your wax to remove dead skin around your hair follicles. But please, DO NOT exfoliate the day of your wax as this can cause serious irritation around your skin and make the wax take off more than intended.

6. Avoid intense heat or hot water

On the day of your wax, be sure to avoid saunas, hot baths, sun exposure, tanning beds, and hot yoga. A warm shower is perfectly fine, just nothing hot or steamy. We want your skin to be neutral and calm on the day of your appointment.

7. Tell us about any medications

Before your wax, let us know if you are being treated by a doctor, taking any medications, or using prescription skin-care products. Also, please inform us of any previous adverse reactions to waxing. This will help us deliver a waxing experience suited for you.


Getting a wax doesn’t have to be intimidating. By following the pre-waxing tips above, you’re sure to have one of your best waxes ever.

Our professional waxers and little shop are ready whenever you are.

Happy Trails,
S + H

Ready to care for your wax? Read about our post-waxing tips here.